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Technology is here to stay. Negating this fact is equal to staying stuck in the stone age and being left behind by the civilization train. Around the world, businesses are adopting next generation models to scale up, make profit, and stay relevant. Traditional institutions are gradually replaced with digital solutions that promise results easier, faster and cheaper. 

Among the most hit traditional industries is advertising/marketing, and Google sits comfortably as one of its chief disruptors with their Google Ads and Analytics platforms. More reach, measurable data, less cost. All you need to do is setup ads, generate leads, convert.

But as simple as that reads, it could also be a little complicated for most business people, and that’s why Google Nigeria set up the Digital Business program. 

It is to help businesses looking to drive more sales get their products and services in front of millions of potential customers on the internet. You’ll sign up with some information about your business, and a Google trained digital marketing expert will be assigned to help you create a digital plan, setup and manage your advertising campaign, and optimize to deliver your desired result. And you will not be charged for this assistance. 

They intend to help businesses in Nigeria acquire more sales, drive traffic to websites, get more phone calls on products and services, and increase the visits to physical stores. 

To learn more about the Google Digital Business Program, visit them here.


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