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Are you a computer programmer with interest in building products, and creating banking solutions? Well here’s an opportunity to live that dream! 

Sterling Bank Plc is recruiting for programmers to join their creative team in an equally creatively set up recruitment process called the Code to Bank challenge. 

These creatives are referred to as “code ninjas”, and are being selected for a mission to Coder’s island to recover secret files stolen by “General Stallion”. To ensure optimum success of this mission, the following people will be needed to form the team.

Infantry – Front end engineers

Rangers – DevOps engineers

Artillery – Backend engineers

Intelligence – UI/UX specialists

Snipers – Mobile developers

Special forces – Block chain engineers

Cryptologic analyst -Technical writers. 

The process timeline is split into 6 stages, with submission of application and screening being the first. Then an online technical assessment will be conducted for the applicants, where selected candidates only will be notified, and will proceed to orientation and development of soft skills; this will take 2 weeks. 

Applicants would after that go on a hackathon lasting 48 hours {all codes checked in/code freeze}, and another 2 day of panel presentation and questioning. Code ninjas who successfully make it through these stages, will then form the formidable Sterling Bank team who will build the bank of the future. 

These programmers and creatives alike, will be grouped into 3 Reward levels. The lieutenant level will be given to ninjas with 1-2 years of proven experience/equivalent skills. Colonel level for ninjas with 3-4 years proven experience/equivalent skills, and General level for 5-8 years of experience or equivalent skills. 

Click here to read more, and apply for the Sterling Bank Code to Bank challenge. 


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