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One thing that is as clear as spring water, is the saying that tech is the future. Tech is indeed the future, and Africa is contributing significantly to the number of current and next-generation developers in the world’s tech space. 

But like most new developments, the rise of tech in Africa has been stifled by the lack of funding and infrastructural resources for beginner developers. They remain beginners longer than necessary, thereby causing a stunt in the overall growth on the continent. 

This realization led Akintunde Sultan, a Nigerian programmer and software developer, with his DevCareer team to kick off the #Laptop4Developers program with a focus on supporting developers in Africa who do not have the financial capacity, with the resources they need. 

The maiden edition of the program, “Laptop4Developers cohort 1” took place last year in Nigeria. After a rigorous online coding assessment process, 22 participants were selected. These developers were given laptops, and provided with co-working spaces across the country, online courses, and continued mentoring for up to three months. 

For this year, #Laptops4Developers cohort 2 is set to take place with 50 participants across 8 cities (Abuja, Oyo, Ogun, Rivers, Lagos, Kumasi, Mombasa, and Lusaka), in 4 African countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Zambia). 

DevCareer will be in partnership with Tech hubs in the selected cities to achieve the full purpose of this program. For the city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, the organization has confirmed that it is now in partnership with the Olotu Square Hub. 

“We picked Olotu Square. Or should we say Olotu Square picked us… They came highly recommended by a lot of Developers in Port Harcourt. And when we reached out to them, they made the process really smooth and showed us 100% support”, Akintunde said. 

Olotu Square, which is a leading technological innovations hub in Port Harcourt, will be providing the city’s participants with a conducive co-working environment, electricity, and quality internet in the course of their 3-month training. 

When Techculture contacted the hub on what this partnership means for them, Aima Atigari, CEO Olotu Square had this to say, 

“…with this partnership, we intend to have more impact and help our community get the skills they need to thrive now. We have run free fellowship programs and gotten into partnerships that have trained over 1000 developers, a good number of which are world class, work in awesome companies, and are making a living.  Beyond this, we are looking forward to growing, consolidating and co-creating with DevCareer”. 

On what the impact of the growing interest in tech in Africa would be, he further added that, 

“with increasing population, global warming, unemployment etc… You would agree with me about the need to innovate and produce solutions that preserve the human race. This means opportunity. The fact is that the possibilities are endless and one could go as far as they can dream”. 

Both parties are optimistic about the results of this collaboration. Akintunde says the DevCareer team hopes this will be a long term partnership and not just for this cohort. 

“We are adding port Harcourt to the list because of the large pool of budding developers that enrolled in our program from Port Harcourt, and a very large number of them successfully passed our first aptitude test too”. 

And as the purpose of their Program, they hope to support budding developers who do not have the financial capacity to further their tech career. 

“We seem to have the same vision”, Aima on his part said, “and I also think they are great people who want to develop the community, and we are thankful that they extended the love to Port Harcourt”. 

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