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Port Harcourt Based Startup EventPady is positioning itself to disrupt the event space

Nobody loves a wack and uninteresting event. When you attend one, you want to make sure you have a fun and exciting experience, get informed and network with ease. Anything outside that is beneath your expectations. 

However, planning and managing an event is a handful, with a ton of meticulous behind the scenes work going on; venue rentals, sourcing vendors for services like decoration, security, hospitality, ticket sales, publicity, marketing, and attendee feedback. So far, organizers have had to bear this weighty burden themselves, and have dealt crudely with this; but not anymore. 

Set to launch on February 19th, 2020 is EventPady, a Port Harcourt based startup now making it easier for event organizers and managers to create and manage their events all in one place. 

EventPady was founded in December 2018 by Derek Vinebo, a software developer and graduate in Human Anatomy from the University of Port Harcourt. They began as a ticket sales platform, where after 3 events and processing about 250 registrations, they made a key discovery that led them into transitioning from a ticket sales company only, to a full event management technology company. 

The startup allows organizers to create events, accept registrations and payments through customizable easy to sign up forms. To create an event page, you just have to select the questions you want attendees to fill during registration, your event fee, and the number of available slots. 

Organizers can easily export and share data with stakeholders, collect live polls and real-time questions from the audience.  

In the EventPady app suite, there’s both an app for the organizer and for the audience. The consumer app helps them find, register and pay for events of their choice.

“We want to use technology to make training, festivals, conferences, and meetups more interactive, smarter, and more engaging for the audience”,  Vinebo told Techculture during the interview. 

EventPady also has a built-in feature known as the Promoter’s tool. It generates payment links for event promoters and media influencers to enable them earn a commission when tickets are purchased through their links online. 

According to Vinebo, commissions are the reason a lot of people do offline ticket sales, so they had to take the promoter into consideration in EventPady. 

“Now they can sell tickets online, and still get their commissions”, he said.

With revenue being a very fundamental factor for startups, EventPady has crafted a commission plan for payments processed based on the number of expected attendees, subscription packages, and from other event services of their own, like drone hiring, outsourcing event success managers, and event marketing contents. 

With over 800 registrations received, 48 events successfully handled on the platform, and user registration of 65 organizers out of which 29% are community managers who create events for their local communities, this startup radiates prospect and promises since the event industry in Nigeria is a booming and very ginormous one. 

Speaking on what EventPady would be in the near future, Vinebo had this do say, 

“The long term goal is to make events more innovative. We want to provide a personal assistant powered by artificial intelligence that understands your event needs, and helps you connect with people better, without stressing you”. 

For more information about this startup, you can visit their website on www.eventpady.com

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