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Valentine Gift Ideas 2020

Thinking of a gift to send a techie? this exclusive list of awesome valentine gift ideas for techies has got you covered on all grounds.

Honestly, one of the saddest things that can happen to you right now is having something you took your time to get for someone you care about, rejected. Or after they take it, paying them a visit the next day and finding it in the trash. It would break me, so good knowledge about the person you care about is important, especially in a season like valentine. 

So if you’re here because you want to get that perfect gift for your techie lover this season, think no more.

Nothing expresses your love to a nerd like a gadget! And right here you will find some of the coolest ones that will not only be very much appreciated, but will make this valentine one to always remember for you, and that special person. 


Tech is all about ease, and a wireless mouse depicts just that. Imagine the ease of having you navigating a system without having to fight with tangling mouse cords — It is absolutely relieving. This is one little yet thoughtful present that every techie would surely appreciate and remember you for. 

Pro tip: Don’t forget to get a mouse pad to go with the mouse. It improves the slick use, and of course, you don’t want them scratching that new baby. 


Techies love comfort! Think about all that sitting for marathon hours in a piece of uncomfortable wear. That would be an utter disaster. 

A pair of comfy and fluffy sneakers would make them realize that you see the little things that matter, and are willing to do something about it. Plus, it’s the little things that count the most, right? 

Pro tip: Getting a twin pair works perfectly too. You can always wear your matching pairs and go for pleasure walks in the cool of the evening. 


The most prized possession of a geek is their laptop. It isn’t rare to find them fighting with a dust clogged keyboard, and it is most frustrating. This cleaner to a techie is like water to a sprinter after a run. Let their affection and appreciation flow unrestrained towards you this valentine. You can get this at the most affordable rates.


Has this techie that you love ever told you about wanting a website of their own? What are their dreams, and can a website domain name and hosting give them a start on its pursuit? If your answer is a yes, then say no more. Getting a domain name for your partner this love season is actually one of the most memorable gifts ever! It is a direct investment in their dreams and will obviously never be forgotten. 


I know for some, this might seem a bit outrageous, but if you can, by all means, surprise your partner this love season by getting them an eye in the sky! You can both capture special moments together from a view never seen before, and trust me when I say that watching those videos and pictures a few years from now, would spark nothing but sweet memories. 


We’ve talked about a techie’s most prized possession is his/her laptop, ever wondered how they are faring with their laptops? Laptops come in SPECS and there are different specifications for different services they render. One thing I know a techie will appreciate and forever be thankful for is a laptop replacement and you have to be strategic about it especially if they’ve used theirs for over 5 years already. Know what spec they are currently using and try to determine the activities they use their laptops for. I know of someone who carries his laptop with a desktop keyboard and another whose laptop goes off as there is a power cut or even a changeover!

Such laptops need urgent replacement, and gifting a techie a laptop for valentine is one gift they will never forget.


Techies are into themselves and will definitely need to zone out from the world more often than not! They love the beats and they love the lyrics! So if you gift them something that helps them zone out on the go, they will love you for life. Headphones are a priceless asset for techies and gifting them one will win you a special place in their hearts.


Do you have a techie who has love for taking pictures with their phones and they render in poor quality? or they’ve been on and on about how they want to start a youtube channel or put out some training content on Udemy that they can make money from and complain about the quality of videos their phone produces? There you go, you’ve got just the perfect gift for that person! A digital camera. Getting this gift item will surely imprint you in their hearts for life!


I see that phone with several rubber bands and a cracked screen, Damn!!! This idea is staring at you right in the face, GIFT THEM A PHONE!!! It actually doesn’t necessarily have to be the latest latest, Just let it be functional enough to help them through their everyday activities with it. In this millennial age,  this is one of the many valentine gift ideas that will secure your spot in their lives.


Even if you choose a different gift item, this has got to be there as a bonus present. 

We’re back to a techie’s prized possession again, but this time you won’t be protecting them from fiery particles alone; you’ll be beautifying her most prized possession! Gifting your techie loved one colorful sticker to beautify their laptops would surely keep colorful memories of you in their head. Such that whenever that laptop is complimented, they smile knowingly, and love you a little more. 


Networking has always been a key avenue to success. How better to show your techie partner that you love them, and want them to succeed than to register them for tech events happening in their city!

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