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Orevaoghene Ahia is only 21. She writes codes in python. When Kelechi Ogueji, 23, pitched an idea, to create a machine that translates pidgin to English. She thought it was insane. The colleagues at the Nigerian office of InstaDeep, an AI research and solutions, went ahead to create the groundbreaking machine.

Their project is https://arxiv.org/abs/1912.03444 published and accepted at the world’s largest gathering of artificial intelligence held in Canada on https://nips.cc/ December 8, 2019. They were absent at the event because of visa issues.

Each of the major languages in the world with tonnes of words has an extremely good online presence. Hence it is easier to translate from one of them to another. With Pidgin English, a whole new challenge arises. The language has very little online presence when compared to languages like Spanish, English or French.

To deal with this problem, they created a pidgin-English catalogue of word pairs from scratch. They mopped up over 56,000 pidgin sentences and 32,000 peculiar words from two websites.

Codes for their project are available on

https://github.com/keleog/PidginUNMTGithub for anyone to do more work on pidgin English.


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