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Ideas live within the creeks and in our gardens and we need to find them and showcase them. The Grind TV is one of those platforms. We intend to change the Niger Delta entrepreneurship ecosystem one TV show at a time. 

‘The workplace is undergoing disruption as such professionals would need to either upskill or re-skill to stay relevant as over 7 Million people would be out of jobs by 2025 according to the World Economic Forum, says Ernest Gospel at the official Press Briefing.” “The underlying reality is that both Business owners and Employees need to consider scaling their skill sets in order to meet the demand and challenges of the new economy.”

From the call for participation to securing copyright protection of the initiative, regional auditions across the 9 states within the Niger Delta region are over and it is time to find out some of the amazing ideas and smart entrepreneurs thriving within the oil-rich region.


According to the press statement given by the Executive Producer, Ernest Gospel: “The GRIND TV Series is an annual Reality TV program for young Entrepreneurs from all over the Niger-Delta sub-region who are between the ages of 21 to 35 in the area of Hospitality, Media, Tech and Digital Marketing, Agriculture, and Fashion industry – with more additions in the coming years. 


Press Brief for The Grind TV Series

“The Grind is our way of reshaping entrepreneurship in the Niger-Delta region; we are using this initiative as a medium to show youths in the region that building successful businesses is possible, while also giving them the requisite knowledge to make that possibility a reality.” He said.

“Regardless of their background, 15 start-up founders/entrepreneurs spend a week, away from family and friends to sharpen their business acumen, immersing themselves in relevant business knowledge and building valuable relationships with industry professionals. At the end, one group of three founders will win the ultimate prize.”

Ideas live within the creeks and in our gardens and we need to find them and showcase them. The Grind TV is one of those platforms.

“This program was born out of the need to harmonize the media, entertainment, and entrepreneurship sectors which are growing area/sectors within the Niger Delta sub-region and are peculiar to young people. With more than 55% being youths within the 15 – 35 years age brackets and a growing population and increased concern to diversify the economy away from oil and gas.”

“This is in addition to the ever-challenging business environment, social-cultural issues, and increasing unemployment; The Grind TV is a way to activate the creative economy within the region. With an extensive marketing and promotional plan leveraging old, new, print and digital media, we intend to reach about 5,000,000 people via publicity reach, engagements, and sponsored promotions.”

“The objective of THE GRIND TV program includes but not limited to: equipping startups in the Niger Delta with the right resources for innovation; encouraging the enterprise spirit among young entrepreneurs, providing hands-on mentorship for entrepreneurs in the region, support business growth that will in turn create jobs and contribute to the GDP of the region. Also, it would serve as an alternative to violence and crime; to advocate for a moral society where positive virtues are celebrated.”

“It will as well promote the entertainment industry by identifying and recognizing talents and boosting healthy and professional competition in the Niger Delta, and also help develop and encourage leadership and the business-minds in the creative industry.” He added. 


The Grind TV Team

The Grind TV Series is a flagship impact project by “The Wey E Dey Happen Limited.” Wey E Dey Happen Limited is an online event management and advertising company in the city of Port Harcourt that was established in 2017; a creative powerhouse specializing in all aspects of online brand management, social media promotions, online campaign, event promotions, and ticket sales.

This edition the winner takes home a business grant of NGN2,000,000 and gets a year mentorship as well as other business support from partners.

As in any other impact-driven initiative, partnerships and sponsorships have been paramount in order to scale impact and The Grind TV is partnering with media housings like the Nigerian Info FM, TechCultureNG.com, 818TV Media, and a host of others.

Resource and facility partnerships include Casablanca Sports Bar and Restaurant, Icren Services Limited, Lion’s Capital Investment, Rufus Oil Limited, Zateemee Fashion House and “The Groth Innovation Centre.”

The Grind TV Series is expected to increase the number of participating housemates in the coming editions which would give opportunities to many more people with diverse ideas and across a wide range of sectors.

For more information about the TV Series venue please visit thegrindtveries.com or call and send an email accordingly: 0810 2525 972, info@thegrindtvseries.com. Join the conversation online with the #TheGrindTVSeries and follow across social media. 


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Owen Shedrack is an entrepreneur and astute writer. He reports and contributes for TechCultureNG on start-ups, tech and ecosystem intelligence. He sits as founder, and Executive Director at “The Groth Innovation Centre” – a business incubator and innovation hub providing professional business support services for SMEs.

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