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Any innovation grows by communal involvement. It is not so far fetched to conclude that technology thrives in groups. I believe this is why we have technology/developer communities springing up here and there. For teens, women/girls, kids and so forth. Google Developer Groups is one such community.


Annually, from about August to December, these communities congregate for festivals or DEVFESTS, the farthest-reaching global developer community movement where everyone is welcome.  Aiming to be diverse and inclusive. if technology is the future, no one should be left behind in the past. GDGs focus on “community building and learning about Google’s technologies”.


For the south-south region of Nigeria, the Google DevFest happened in the ancient city of Calabar, hosted by Google Developer Communities in the region. These events are meant to not just talk technicalities of tech, meaning only “techies” can comprehend what’s going on. But it’s meant to spark interest in those who are yet to be involved in technology’s current trend as Ada Nduka Oyom, Developer Relations Community Manager for GDGs in Sub Saharan Africa & Founder SheCodeAfrica, a keynote speaker highlighted.


To encourage inclusion of women in the techsphere, it was important to remove barriers holding women back. Technology is not only about programming/coding. Other areas exist, ranging from software Engineering, hardware manufacturing, Information Architecture, cloud computing, to User Interface/User Experience.

Of course, men can be supportive of women in tech by facilitating her growth process. Involve women.


In keeping up with part of the aim for the event, developers shared tips, discoveries & process in Firebase, Netlify, Machine learning, startups and so forth.


All in all, it was brought together and built up developers in the south who will be drivers for the future. Because technology is the future!

Visit GDG – Google Developers to find out about DEVFESTS happening around you. You will get first hand experience of what’s going on. I haven’t told you the half of it yet.


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