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Katatizo is Nigeria’s first marketplace automated bus ticketing and management software solution with an objective to provide seamless bus ticketing and management services to travelers and bus operators across Nigeria.

Apart from popular upspringing entertainment shows in Port Harcourt, the startup ecosystem is beginning to catch up with new startups coming out as well.

Saturday October 19th, 2019 saw another innovation coming out of the oil-rich state; it was the launch of Katatizo; Nigeria’s first integrated online marketplace for bus ticketing and management by Katatizo Technologies Limited – a technology company in Port Harcourt.

TechCultureNG had first hand insights from the founders during the launch as we interviewed the CEO and COO.

According the CEO, Nurudeen Momodu Yusuf (ASQA), during a presentation of the spectacular provisions offered by their innovation said that the integrated Bus Management System (BMS) was a digitized way for bus operators to sell their bus tickets at the counter and off the counter in a more better and seamless manner while offering convenience for their customers.

Also, with the Katatizo BMS bus operators can manage all aspects of their operational activities such as vehicle maintenance/fuelling, employee’s database, employee’s salary, parcel tracking, inventory, accounting and more.

According to Momodu, the basic idea behind the software solution development for Bus Ticket Booking is to meet the need of seamless ticket booking and efficiency in management with focus on overall operational cost reduction.

“It was very important to offer extraordinary and useful features for a Bus Ticket Booking and Management in order to develop a ground-breaking system that is capable of revolutionizing the inter-state bus transport industry.

No doubt the Fourth Industrial Revolution has presented a lot of opportunities leveraging technology and a Bus Ticket Booking and Management Software Solution would have immense breakthrough in enabling the Bus Operators to automate all their entire operational activities. This in turn maximizes efficiency by providing real time feedback data. This is the crux of our services.

We live in the world where time and convenience is everything. This makes the difference between success and failure within the supply chain and logistics industry where speed of decision and implementation is key.”

Developed countries where products like this are already in use have shown efficiency and great results. An online ticket booking system would offer convenience to customers and bus operators who are busy with the daily hassles of life, making it easy to buy or sell tickets at their fingertips. This eliminates paper and reduces the number of personnel/ ticketing officers needed; thereby reducing the overall cost of operation for the Company.

Katatizo also comes with an App for direct communications between the company and customers in the case of promos and discounts offered in the form of notifications.

This innovation likewise creates a rare opportunity for road travelers, by giving them numerous options to choose their preferred bus operator, compare prices, and select their favorite seat when they are planning a journey.

During the launch, several dignitaries including industry practitioners and relevant stakeholders were present. Some of which include: representative of the Commissioner of Police, Nigeria Police Force Rivers State Command, the Business Manager, Ethiopia Airlines, and the Manager of City Roller Transport Co, and were greeted with a subtle atmosphere of sublime music and dinner.

Some of the concerns raised by guests were the issue of data and security especially as cards would be used for transactions.

The CEO expressed the fact that Katatizo uses a safe and secured payment gateway powered by PAYSTACK and data by individuals are encrypted and are not open to the public.

The COO, Tito Uzomah expressed excitement about the launch along with other members of the team and they’re excited about how their innovation is coming out of Port Harcourt against the popular expectations of popping out of Lagos.

Apart from the ticket booking and management, Katatizo would unveil other modules with time according to the CEO Momodu.

Your can follow Katatizo across social media and check out Katatizo to learn more.


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