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How Twitter user secured a meeting with the Chairman/CEO of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing with #justatweet

One of my favorite quotes is “Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat,” it’s Latin for “Fortune Favours the Bold” and I got to learn about this quote from a movie called John Wick.

For me, this isn’t just a quote but it is a mantra that I have seen manifest and work for people who have the courage to disregard the noise that exists in today’s world and pursue their dreams while believing that someday things would turn around in their favor no matter the challenges they face today.

Technology has brought down several walls and boundaries and one of them is the inaccessibility of high profile individuals including World and Industry Leaders. Let me break this down, in the past, to see someone who is a “big man” you would have to go through several protocols…  It is very understandable that such people have a very tight schedule and wouldn’t want to be caught up in irrelevant conversations, so they have aides who apportion their time and draw up an itinerary for their “oga.” Imagine the power such aide’s wield! Woe betide you if he or she doesn’t like your face, it will be a continuous come next week, come next tomorrow until you retire to your fate and rethink your purpose in life.

The case is much different now with the advent of social media, achieving feats that even corporate mailing hasn’t been able to match, with “just a tweet,” you can deploy a battalion to fight for a cause, with a tweet you can get employed to your dream job, with a tweet you can get alms, and with a tweet, you can also be denied a visa and be trolled making you question the essence of your existence, with just a tweet you can be seated with President’s and Captain’s of Industries. Summarily, cascades of reactions can emanate from “just a tweet” which has changed the way we interact with individuals who were once deemed out of one’s reach.

So back to the subject matter, this story is about a twitter user with the user name @osuolale_farouq. It started with just a tweet of a thoughtfully created Logo for the foremost indigenous vehicle manufacturing company Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) asking fellow users for a retweet. As seen on his twitter profile ” So I’m proposing a new logo for @innosonvehicles If this comes across your timeline, please retweet” Yes! that thing a lot of you refer to as “Just a Logo”

It is true that sometimes a lot of things go behind the scene and sometimes we cannot differentiate what is real from what is scripted on social media but one cannot ignore the fact that amazing things happen which doesn’t necessarily have a scripted influence and this might as well pass as one of them. The next conversations will interest you.

In response to @osuolale_farouq post, @innosonvehicles twitter handler took the initiative to ask their audience to state which Logo they prefer using the like/retweet strategy for accessing opinions.

I always say this, just keep improving and working on yourself, keep working on your craft and skill and one day that call, that connect, that email, that meeting and in this case that tweet will happen. Well for @osuolale_farouq that day was yesterday the 16th of October 2019 with “Just a tweet” he has been given the opportunity to meet with the Chairman/CEO of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing.

The outcome of what the meeting will be is unknown but the picture of where this is going to gravitate to isn’t far fetched as members of the Tech Community in Port Harcourt are already celebrating him with series of messages dropping in Port Harcourt’s Tech WhatsApp communities congratulating him and also as a source of inspiration to all whose responsibilities include creating digital solutions.

Now let’s take a look at the Logo created for Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing

Please scroll back up and take a look at the logo again.

@osuolale_farouq put in intense thought and effort in creating this masterpiece, even if you don’t understand how design works, you can’t miss this one. His ingenuity is definitely worth every recognition and monetary compensation.

If I am to take this to the market,  it would easily pass for a 7 Million Naira worth of art piece as asking price. Let’s take a look.

@osuolale_farouq made sure that with intuitive shape associations, he maintained the acronym IVM that was a prominent component of the existing logo, this must have caused a lot of sweat. He also ensured that you can associate several meanings from the Logo; When you look at it as the whole component what do you see? For me, I see an Angel that is in flight at a constant altitude, Angels are thought to be celestial beings that Guide and Protect. Could it be that Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing produces vehicles that offer users the required protection and guidance that is needed for the road?
One thing is for sure, how this deal goes will determine the future of Nigerian Digital Artists, how their work is perceived, viewed and prized locally and internationally. This is a good opportunity to strategically place the industry at a place where it can be a force to reckon with internationally and improve its economic contribution in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.
Congrats @osuolale_farouq  you in every word, describe hope and inspiration that good work can be recognized. To @innosonvehicles twitter handler your role in this can’t be overlooked and ignored. May fortune be with you at all times.


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