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For many people that love listening to music, apart from the conventional fancy headphones, you’ll agree with me that you’ll love a bit of aesthetics on your music partner – whether it is a music box using the Bluetooth technology or your home theater system, there’s always a feeling that art brings and that’s what this entrepreneur is building – adding a bit of innovation to woodwork. 

Wisdom Tim is a final year student of the National Open University of Nigeria from Osun state who resides in Enugu. Currently, he is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Security Studies. 

Wisdom has about 10 years’ experience creating with wood, and according to him, decided to change the conventional word shape with a bit of art and innovation to creating beautiful music devices and speakers. 

Wisdom is the founder of Borngreat Communication – a startup that builds, fixes and repairs speakers of different shapes and sizes. When asked about his team, he said: “for now, including myself, we are 5 people; a legal adviser, sound engineer\technical man and two sales representatives.”

When asked about what inspired him; Wisdom said: “art, shapes and innovation and I hope to inspire people through my work. …Honestly speaking I have the churches, music industry, hotels, homes, students, individuals and the market at large in mind. I want a situation where you enter inside the churches or homes and you hear quality sound that will be coming out from Art works, like guitars, balls, etc. …That you can even hang on the wall.”

From his explanations, Wisdom intends to target home owners as well as hospitality providers. In his words, he believes that his works are targeted at beautifying homes and free spaces. 

For a young entrepreneur like Wisdom in Nigeria, no doubt he’s not immune from the challenges that comes with running a business especially funding, business support and networks. 

However, despite these challenges he’s optimistic. In his own words: “In years to come I might have solved 40% importation of speakers which is more expensive and also it kills our economy and indigenous productions.”

He also stressed the opportunities his business has for everyone. He said: “Everyone has a great opportunity with Borngreat communication. You can partner with us and as well, I urge investors to invest in my business because it’s very lucrative, dynamic, and classic, above all, everyone needs a speaker in their homes.”

Talking with Wisdom, I couldn’t agree less that innovation could transform little crafts into mind-blowing businesses. This was evident at the Enugu Business Community meet-up where Wisdom talked about his products with other entrepreneurs and he immediately started recording sales. 

No doubt, there’s something that seems like magic when art meets creativity. Wisdom is one of the numerous entrepreneurs in the South of Nigerian who are building things with technicalities that embraces  art. An evidence that the economy is ripe to spring up the next sets of artistic giants like Wisdom. 

See some of this beautiful work below

Owen Shedrack is an entrepreneur, astute writer and contributor for TechCultureNG. He sits as founder, and Director at “The Groth Innovation Centre” – a virtual business incubator providing business support and administrative services for start-ups around the South South sub region while they focus on growing and scaling.


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Owen Shedrack is an entrepreneur and astute writer. He reports and contributes for TechCultureNG on start-ups, tech and ecosystem intelligence. He sits as founder, and Executive Director at “The Groth Innovation Centre” – a business incubator and innovation hub providing professional business support services for SMEs.

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