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#stopRobbingUs is a campaign that emanated from the Nigerian Tech Community on Twitter in an attempt to put an end to the incessant harassment of Nigerian Youths in Tech by men of the Nigerian Police Force due to unjustified profiling.

Isn’t it amazing how a spark of a tiny match stick can start a wildfire? The extent to which the fire can spread is determined by how many materials are available to complete its mission, in this case, combustion.
This was the case of a tweet by a software developer with the handle @toniastro_ who twitted about his encounter that ruined his Saturday. An encounter that Nigerian Youths face almost every other day in the hands of those who are supposed to protect them.

This tweet has been amplified by several notable people in the tech community including @bosuntijani of @ccHub, @JasonNjoku of @irokoTV @brucealgorithm of @OlotuSquare, @kola_aina of Ventures Platform,  @theodoraisola of @tivacreatives also a Community Director @NodejsAfrica and several others who have joined hands to challenge the impunity of those in authority who are supposed to shield and protect us.
Find some tweets of notable people in the tech community below;

In the name of dealing with cybercriminals, it is alleged that the Police Force profiles youths who are perceived to be doing well, stops them, search them, invade their privacy by searching their phones and laptops without any search warrant. If something incriminating is found, money changes hands and the cycle continues. If nothing is found they most likely will heap several accusations on their victim and make them part with their hard-earned money thus questioning their ability to bring the real criminals to justice.
There have been several reports that many of these cases have gone unreported because of fear of further intimidation, harassment, and embarrassment,  hence people are encouraged to share their experiences using the hashtag #stopRobbingUs
The hashtag #stopRobbingUs has trended since yesterday and can be seen to be in close competition with hashtags like those of #bbNaijaTwist and hashtags of its housemates a show that has seen more debate and has sparked more interest of Nigerians in the social media space than others concerning social justice.
Youths who are faced with hard choices everyday between doing good and evil are thrown into despair with whichever choice they make. Trying to earn an honest living through the opportunities that abound with technology just to change the narrative and bring light to the country is being put at risk by these acts of extortion and exploitation.
How we go from here is up to us, but one-day truth and justice will surely prevail.


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