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Call for Volunteer Writers

TechCulture is giving the opportunity for individuals interested in writing for tech blogs a shot at publishing their articles with us.

In a bid to expand our content base and exchange value, we are searching for hobbyists, and those interested in having hands-on experience in microblogging who would want to use our platform to publish their content.

How this works

You will be required to go through our website www.techcultureng.com taking note of the kind of content we generate and their categories and then fill this form

We will then contact you to know more about you.

If successful, you’ll be onboarded and join our writers’ pool.

Thereafter, you will be supported with necessary resources to churn out articles and report events and programs as the case may be.

Criteria for Selection

For this purpose, our criteria for selection isn’t all that strict. Basic skills include;

  • Have and can use a smart device or/and a computer (basic level)
  • Good at writing in English and good sentence construction.

Nice to have skills include;

  • Can use a CMS preferably WordPress
  • Can conduct online research

While our selection process is flexible, please note that we are after consistency and those willing to learn and grow.

Experienced writers are also very well welcome to apply.

What we stand to gain

  • Improved content base
  • Improved content value
  • Wider reach and growth

What you stand to gain

  • Exposure to our growing audience
  • Experience in microblogging
  • Training and access to resources for improvement
  • A community of support made up of tech enthusiast and writers
  • Promotion of articles

Interested in becoming a volunteer writer for TechCulture? Apply Here

You can learn more about TechCulture here


About Author

Adaora is the founder of Techcultureng.com. When she is not trying to save the world, she loves to write and rock her heels.

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