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How I found about Ken Saro-Wiwa Innovation Hub.

Sometime in the early part of last year, Adaora Okoli of TechCultureNG put a call through to me to ask that I join the team that will be organizing Girls in ICT Day, an event backed by ITU to help educate young girls on roles they can play in technology. My mission was quite simple, help distribute mails to designate secondary schools, and follow up to ensure their students attended the event.

All I needed to execute my tasks were provided so I set to work and interfaced with all who I needed to, in order to complete my mission.

Prior to the event day, we contemplated venues that we would love the event to hold. During one of the conversations, the name Ken Saro-Wiwa Innovation Hub popped up as one of the possible options as a venue for the event. The name struck a chord, at the time, as much as I could remember, we were taught in secondary school that the name Ken Saro-Wiwa was synonymous with activism, a man who championed a cause for social change for the Ogoni people of Rivers State.

We eventually settled to hold the event at Ken Saro-Wiwa Innovation Hub which made a lot of sense because of the nature of the event and also the goodwill we had from that part of the tech community in Port Harcourt.

Fast Forward to the day before the Girls in ICT event, I was sent the address ” 24 Aggrey Rd, Port Harcourt” this area is generally referred to as “town.” LoL. I have heard a lot of stories about “town” I also have had memorable experiences with “town” and so with all excitement, I looked forward to visiting KSIH, the very first Tech Hub I visited since my burgeoning into the Startup/Technology world. All in all, this was quite an amazing experience as I got the opportunity to connect and learn more about my new chosen part as well as visit a structure named after the great Ken Saro-Wiwa.

ALC 4. 0 Meetup – The event of the day

Just a bit over a year after my first visit to KSIH, I had the opportunity to visit again. This time not as an organizer but as a speaker in the ALC 4.0 meetup.  ALC 4.0 is a program organized by Andela in partnership with Google and Pluralsight to train participants who consider advancing their skills in  Web development, Android development and Google Cloud technologies on Pluralsight.

Ken Saro-Wiwa Innovation Hub

Learners who successfully complete the Google Scholarship Certification Program have the opportunity to go a step further to take a Google Certification exam, thereby certifying their competence and job readiness.

On Saturday the 3rd of August, 2019. I was privileged to stand in front of ambitious and amazing, aspiring world-class developers’ who are undergoing the ALC 4.0 training to share my own journey. Thanks to Godfrey Ayaosi and the organizing team of the Port Harcourt ALC 4.0 Meetup Group for the opportunity.

The first phase of the training which had about 30,000 participants is ending and will see 10,000 successful participants picked to go to the 2nd phase of the training. I am fortunate to also be a participant in this training and I am on the Mobile Web Specialist Track, which has gone a long way in reinforcing my knowledge about how the web works. I am very grateful to Andela, Pluralsight, and Google for this opportunity.Ken Saro-Wiwa Innovation Hub

Everybody’s story to becoming a developer is unique and mine isn’t any different. My journey to being a developer is a story for another day that will be told when it is time but so far, it has led me to exciting paths in the industry. I have had great experience and knowledge and I keep learning new things every day.

Ken Saro-Wiwa Innovation Hub Art Gallery

I have a reputation: I like exploring and I have a very curious mind. While the session was going on, I left to take a leak. When I was done with my business and stepped out of the restroom to get back into the hall of the event, I paused… at that instance, my brain started retrieving data of the events that played the first time I was here. I thought to go up the stairs and check up on Gino Osahon. Gino is the hub manager of KSIH and he’s also a very great guy who impacts the community in numerous ways. Without much ado, I  went upstairs only to find out his office was moved and he wasn’t around. Before I headed back downstairs the lady who directed me to his new office came out to be sure I got the direction right. In the process of looking for his office something struck my attention. It was the colors, the smell, and the art. I came very much alive, (my usual self when I come in contact with things that fascinate me). I asked what the room was about and if I could go in. she said “sure” and that’s how I entered the Art Gallery of KSIH. It was beautiful, I loved the lights, I loved the colors I loved the smell. She was kind enough to give me a tour of the place and you can very well get into a virtual tour yourself by watching the video I made and view some of the photos I took.


Ken Saro-Wiwa Innovation Hub

This is the story about my second visit to KSIH. What’s yours?

I wish all my colleagues participating in the ALC 4.0 training success, not just in this training but in their entire life endeavors.

My name is Aima Atigari, I am the Chief Executive Officer of Olotu Square. An innovation hub interested in the chain of youth capacity building in business and innovative technologies… in Port Harcourt


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