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Who and What is PIND

According to About Us – Pind Foundation PIND means Foundation for Partnership Initiatives In The Niger Delta. It is a Nigerian Non-Profit Organisation that was established by Chevron Cooperation to address deep-rooted socio-economic problems in the Niger Delta and reduce dependence on oil in the region.

One of the ways they do this is by working with Local and International partners to develop and implement new solutions to tackle unemployment in the region.

What is NDYEP

NDYEP stands for Niger-Delta Youth Empowerment Pathways. It is one of the initiatives of PIND to meet its objectives. Read More about this initiative here.

About the NDYEP Roundtable held in Porth Harcourt

The meeting held at Novotel on the 25th of June 2019 and was scheduled to hold at 9: 00 am.

The meeting was attended by Members of PIND, Directors in Ministries in Rivers State that are concerned with Youths and Employment, Port Harcourt Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Private sector Organisations and existing partners of the NDYEP project.

I walked in just about a few minutes past 9:00 am in a blue T-shirt, a Jean and a sports foot ware to meet a hall filled with entirely unknown people. The first familiar face I saw walk in was that of Mr. Bereni Fiberesima, of Netopps, Ms Bitebo Gogo of Keeping It Real Foundation, Mr Gino Osahon of Ken Saro-Wiwa  Innovation Hub (KSWIH) the Original “Queen Lateefah.” Miss Lateefa Musah, of theGridSessions … Mr Bruce Lucas of Olotu Square and Mr Uche Aniche of Startup South, in order of arrival or perhaps in the order which I saw them.

Few exchanges of pleasantries here and there, and then the meeting commenced with a formal Introduction, shortly after, we all went on a Tea-Break, I had a toast, coffee and spring rolls with its sauce, just enough to warm my tummy and keep me alert for the duration of the meeting… We came back into the Hall of the event and then continued with the introduction of guests and prepped for the conversation of the day.

A recap of what the NDYEP project had been in the past 1 year since initiation and what is expected in the coming year was presented alongside a short video clip to show the impact of the NDYEP project. ( I felt a bit of bliss when there was some technical issue with projecting on the screen and I solved it twice… smiling…)

We then had a break out sessions that lasted about 20 – 45 minutes (not sure now, as I didn’t keep track of time) where we discussed what seemed to be a draft of an employment pathway.

The sectors considered were Agriculture, Construction, and ICT. I headed the presentation for my group (ICT, I was there in the capacity of the CEO of Olotu Square) and then shortly after, closing remarks where made and we dismissed to have a group photograph and headed to the dining where we had Buffet and banter.

My take Home.

I made new friends, had new insights and got leads/potential for partnerships and business.

My Give Away.

It was said that our Region has the highest rate of unemployment…

Something I know for sure is that unemployment is a huge problem in our region and our nation at large, and that area seriously needs innovation to solve its problem.

As a matter of fact, I think there should be “Hackathons for Employment Innovation.” Also, a wider consultation should be done on each sector of interest, this doesn’t necessarily need to be carried out by PIND, they can appoint Intelligent and Resourceful Leads for each sector that will do more research, more dialogue and more consultation with stakeholders in a bid to gather more information and understand properly what works.

I have this saying in sales “if you can sell 1, you can sell 10, if you can sell 10 you can sell 100 if you can sell 100 you can sell 1000… so on and so forth. I know Startups and SME’s in the region that have made appreciable efforts that results in training and engaging youths in the region. It should be your goal to bring such leaders in a room and let them brainstorm. They have an existing model already. If this is tweaked and modified, the results on getting more youths employed will be far-reaching and exponential.

Facilitators at the Event include:

  • Emeka Ile – Project Lead of Niger Delta Youth Employment Pathways (NDYEP).
  • Mrs. Yvonne Jonah – Project Coordinator of NDYEP, PIND Foundation.

Other High Profile Personel Present include:

  • Morris Ogolo – Director of Agriculture in the Rivers State Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Elemchukwu Onuotu – Head of Employment Generation in the Rivers Ministry of Employment Generation and Economic Empowerment.
  • Pastor Christopher Briggs – retired Permanent Secretary in the Rivers Ministry of Lands and Survey.
  • Rev. Christian Amadi – Directorate of Youth Mobilisation in Rivers Ministry of Youth Development.

Pictures from Event:

PIND round table 2019


Bereni Fiberesima and Bitebo Gogo

Bruce Lucas an Aima Atigari Olotu Square


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