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Fashion Meets Deep Tech as Touchabl embarks on a city Tour

Touchabl embarks on a city tour. There’s been a lot of work put into this amazing app of recent. Touchabl “the shazam of pictures” and now they are set to dish out what has been cooking in the pot as they embark on a city tour.

In a conversation with the founder; Mr Gabriel Eze, he says the aim of the tour which is designed like a hangout is to teach invited guests about how Artificial Intelligence is converging with fashion.  “The objective of the Hangout is to see how deep tech (such as AI) can help fashion store owners, photographers and models grow their business/career. To achieve this, we want to interface and support the fashion ecosystem and grow their company in the process. We’ve built a couple of AI products that some of our early users personally think will benefit fashion business owners, fashion models (or aspiring entrants in the fashion industry,) and photographers in cities across the country. So, we want to use the occasion to meet with the stakeholders in fashion, photography and modelling, show them what we have, and see if it will be beneficial to their career or business.”

It doesn’t just end there, as a business owner you have the opportunity to forge a relationship where the product is tailored to meet your business needs in this prevailing digital economy.

Touchabl has a technology niche that can benefit its target audience across cities in Nigeria; and people who will attend the launch if impressed, can become early adopters and exclusive partners.

Some of the benefits of this amazing picture touching app includes;

1. To enable anyone search and shop for their products in any picture by simply touching it (or snapping it).

2. To enable fashion businesses capture and manage inventory by simply taking a picture of the stock item. Touchabl’s technology claims to be able to recognize, label and categorize items without further user input. “The advantage of joining our platform is that wherever your picture is identified by our technology, you will know and can promote your item in the search result. Places where your products can be identified can be anywhere; on our platform, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterests, and everywhere online. As long as the user or site owner is using one of our tool (app, browser plugin, API etc), you will know and your product will be served in the search result.”

3. Businesses who already have online stores can also integrate with their API to make pictures on their website “Touchabl”; with a little feed, they can ensure that only their products shows up in the search result on their website. The API can be used by fashion bloggers, celebrity red carpet or anyone that’s into picture stuffs.

Tour Timetable

If interested in experiencing what the Touchable app can do in real time, then you should make yourself available in the following cities on the following dates;


ENUGU – Aug 10
AWKA-  Aug 14
UYO – Aug 17
ABA –  Aug 24
OWERRI – Sep 7
ABUJA – Sep 21
KANO – Sep 28
IBADAN – Oct 5
If you want to see what this app can do for yourself, follow this link to their website to download the app.


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