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One’s view on how much politics should be a part of business and business, a part of politics is dependent on where one places his/herself in the political spectrum. An undisputed fact is that the interplay between politics and business is inevitable.

No doubt, the world at large is in a state of perpetual instability politically and in business, but notwithstanding, the government needs to build a culture around investing in techies/Startup’s in a real way.

When it comes to techies/Startup’s, the steady growth and development revolves around how much the government is doing to help them thrive. Every system needs support, and with the right and strategic support, there is bound to be lots of opportunities opened up in this sector.

Here are five things techies/Startups expect from political candidates in 2019.

1.    Investment in techies/Startup’s for building progressive campaign technology which includes building of website, conducting large scale digital messaging and social media monitoring campaign, digital marketing, etc.

2.    Support by government on all levels in the provision of infrastructure and funds.

3.    Since the leadership of a political party has the potential to shape an entire generations cultural attitude and belief, techies/Startups expect them to subtly reshape their key demographics with them in perspective.

4.    Support/encourage training.

5.    Encourage preservation of the innovative tools for future use.

Changes in the political sphere obviously have a major impact on our daily lives. It often times represent the rise or fall of a particular demographic; the techies/start-ups not excluded.

This article was written by  Alvan Fortune. Alvan Fortune is a multi talented  research/ personal assistant  and writer at Pine Orchard. She is a graduate of Linguistics and communication  studies from  University of Port-Harcourt and also has a Masters  Degree in Communication.



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