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Meet Gabriel Eze, Founder of Touchabl.

Sometime in May 2018, the news broke out that Touchabl secured the sum of 20,000USD seed funding from Genesys Tech Hub.

Since my first contact with Gabriel at one of the Startup Sunday meetings in Port-Harcourt sometime last year, I have looked forward to an opportunity to speak with him, so as to get more insight about the idea of Touchabl. It also happened that in the same year, I mean in 2017, Gabriel emerged as winner of the StartupSouth3 pitch session which had the likes of wefix.com.ng, extraclass.ng, wokkaholic.com and ikokuonline.com in the competition.

Gabriel Eze

Gabriel Eze

I sought to know more about the idea behind Touchabl and what this recent funding will mean for his company. I finally got the chance over one of the weekends at a sales fair that was going on at the Agip Club House in Port Harcourt. This might not have been the perfect event to have a chat such as this, but for every rule there’s an exception. This was the case with Mr Gabriel Eze the founder of Touchabl, as he was around just for the weekend and had to go back to Enugu to continue with his 6-month incubation program, one of the conditions that was required for the Genesys Tech Hub seed funding.

A journey that started sometime in 2013, Mr Gabriel created an application named Tagetiv that was initially intended to be a picture app were business owners uploaded photos and manually identified each item in them. During a conversation online, a user asked if an app could be created where one sees something they like and they do not have to go through the process of asking strangers about what the item was and where they can be found if they liked them. The thought came to him to create a solution to such problem in which one can identify the category of the item, the designer, where they can be found and even the type of material as the case may be. Ever since then, Touchabl has gone through several iterations/upgrades to ensure that the app is a step closer in actualising its purpose.

What’s most intriguing is the possibilities of never ending features that could be added to the app in the nearest future. From being able to detect soils that are good for planting, health status of plants from the look of their leaves to diagnosis in the health care industry… ” We are building something that will reduce unemployment and be used in the agriculture and medical sectors in the near future…” He says…

When I asked about how he intends monetizing the app, he said there’s a proper plan for monetisation but that won’t be anytime soon as he’s more concerned about the app development and making it available for use.

As regards the use of the recent funding, he says it will be used mainly for product development and marketing.

For technology to work for us we have to bridge the gap between the techies and the other industries. Our community needs to be more aware of the potentials that technology has in solving our problems and lend support to such great ideas.

Gabriel and his team are doing a wonderful job in proffering solutions to a diverse range of problems. Touchabl is one app that you should look out for as its potential is enormous.


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