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A tour of TechCreek, Rivers State ICT facility.

It seemed like any other Saturday in Port-Harcourt – a little laidback, a few events here and there and much less traffic. At the Port-Harcourt pleasure park, located at the Airforce- Eliozu fly over, there were exciting screams and shouts. Children and families were having the time of their lives. A few meters just across however, another set of young people, mainly designers and programmers were living the dream of a lifetime at the TechCreek. TechCreek is the world class facility of the Rivers State ICT department located on Aba road. Having heard a lot about TechCreek and seen a lot of PH programmers proudly flaunting their visits on social media, the Techculture team visited Tech Creek on Saturday to see for itself.

Techculture Team

The facility boasts of a co-working space, training rooms, conference hall with a 200 sitting capacity all packaged  with free internet to users of the facility. The internet bandwidth is allegedly the fastest in Nigeria. Samson Goddy, a designer with SugarLabs US who is a techie from Port-Harcourt and a frequent visitor at the facility confirms this. According to him, ‘It has an upload speed of 20mps per second. I was able to download Windows 10 under 20 seconds’. Inside sources say that in future, users of Pleasure Park will be able to enjoy free internet services from Tech Creek. Currently, code gaminators , the first initiative of the TechCreek is ongoing.

Techcreek work centre                                             Techcreek work centre

Interestingly, the training halls are named after different rivers in Rivers State such as river Sombriero.

Asked why the name TechCreek was chosen, our tour guide Joy said, ‘It was named TechCreek in order to change the narrative about Rivers State. When you hear the word ‘creek’ you should no longer think about oil bunkering but about technology.’

Well, TechCreek is not all about coding. There will also be opportunities for techies to socialise with a co-working area outside, a bush bar and caravans. Just beside the Techcreek, plans are underway to create a park and a food stand and according to feelers, the European Union is also building a data centre there too.

In all, the facility seems pretty impressive. We do hope it will leave up to its tag line – Learn, create, connect.

Learn more about the facility here

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