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The Internet Society Turkey Chapter has won the Internet Society Chapterthon 2017 for digital schools for its project Coding Sisters. The project has the aim of optimizing the opportunities for girls to be involved in STEM field.


The Chapterthon is a global Chapters marathon, where the Internet Society chapters develop a project within a timeline and budget to achieve the common goal of improving education by using the Internet. It was organised in conjunction with the Wikimedia Foundation. It was organised because of the belief that Internet Society and our community have an important role to promote the use of the Internet for education

31 Chapters from all the regions participated during the Chaptherton and worked hard to extend the education benefits of the Internet to their communities. Some of the projects include connecting schools to the Internet, teaching coding to girls, training teachers and parents, raising awareness about the safe use of the Internet, developing an online platform for a school and helping to create educational, and local content.

Each project has proven us once more that the Internet plays an important role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goal on Education. Each project has contributed to shaping the future of children, parents and teachers.

The coding sisters project, focused on closing the digital gap in the country, was developed in the Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey. There, 42 girls from middle and high schools and 30 university students received coding lessons and almost all of them stated that they want to keep learning how to code. Coding Sisters is a proof of how the Internet is a powerful enabler not only for education but also for gender equality.


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