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Adaora Okoli, a Nigerian media personality and broadcast journalist with 92.3 Nigeria Info FM Port-Harcourt, has been selected as one of the Internet Society, Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2017 Ambassadors. She was selected for her passion to ensure that people in Nigeria and Africa can use the Internet to develop their environment by impacting digital skills and ensuring the right Internet policies are adopted.

Other ISOC IGF 2017 Ambassadors are from several other countries across the world like Austria, Mexico, Uruguay, Austria, Venuezela, Tunisia, Brazil among others

The Ambassadorship award is organised by the Internet Society (ISOC), a global cause-driven organization, governed by a diverse Board of Trustees that is dedicated to ensuring that the Internet stays open, transparent and defined by global citizens. IGF Ambassadorships are for young Internet Society members between the ages of 20-40, who have a strong interest in the issues and themes of the IGF, with demonstrated interest and expertise in issues on the IGF agenda pertaining to internet governance. They must also demonstrate experience in leading Internet governance discussions at the international level and in multi-cultural environments.

Adaora has a legal background as a lawyer with specialisation in internet law and policy. She also runs a blog techcultureng.com which is focused on telling stories of young people using ICTs for development in the Niger-Delta and across the broader Africa continent. Techcultureng.com is also a platform for awareness and advocacy for digital rights and internet freedoms.

The IGF, a forum of the United Nations, typically tackles Issues such as challenges and opportunities for human rights online, Spam, Security & Privacy, Pervasive Online Surveillance, Infrastructure Development and how to make Internet governance more inclusive.

The 2017 IGF is currently ongoing in Geneva, Switzerland from the 18th to 21st December with the theme, ‘Shape your Digital Future’.

For more information on the awardees, view here

You can also find out more information about the Internet Society and the IGF here and here


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Adaora is the founder of Techcultureng.com. When she is not trying to save the world, she loves to write and rock her heels.

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