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The memories of Christmas remain strong and undiluted. By this time, many years back I would look forward to when my school would go on a break, siblings and cousins coming home, and every other thing associated with the season that a young teenager would look forward to. I dreaded the report cards though, because if I didn’t perform as I should, my mother’s wrath will definitely fall on me (what do you expect from a teacher?)… All I have now are memories (I should write a book about them). Thankfully, they are mostly happy ones and every Christmas season brought its own peculiarity.

Christmas season popularly dubbed, “Onwa December”, by people from the east is usually filled with a flurry of activities. People look forward to returning back home to spend time with family, to reconnecting, relaxing and taking all the energy needed to start another year of hustle. However, sometimes it can be daunting having to plan to buy Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones, navigating traffic and planning your trip.

As techies we’ve been saddled with the responsibility of solving problems (an arduous task I must say). Prices spike unreasonably during Christmas, traffic gets crazy,  FRSC records the most number of accidents in the ember months. Thus, the question is, how do we make your Christmas the most beautiful yet stress free? I have a few bright ideas on some tech solutions that will bring that extra spark to my Christmas.

Christmas deals locators

I am spending this season working, away from where I have known to be home for the greater part of my life. I had hoped I could get a Christmas tree and at least be in the spirit of Christmas in my new found home but what I have seen so far has been way above my budget.  So, suppose there where apps or a proper data base that would locally identify all the things I needed for Christmas with prices or even at discounted rates and offers. I just might be able to make my choices from the comfort of my home or work space at least that would contribute to igniting the feeling of the magical effect of the season and give me a reason to smile.


Emergency response apps and platforms

A lot of accidents both road and home occur during Christmas. People are generally in a spirit of camaradie or maybe it’s the ember month curse. Whatever the case,  if travellers could have a functional way to transmit data to the nearest emergency unit in case of any of the road mishaps, I think a lot of lives would also be saved. Probably there’s a way and I don’t just know about it or it hasn’t just stuck but that would be entirely ridiculous because even as a kid I knew the emergency number to dial in the event of a crisis abroad, was 911. This emergency response app will also help in the event of some other emergencies after the wining and dining.

Traffic apps

Christmas is synonymous with events and travel. Travel is synonymous with traffic.  If I could get all I needed without having to step out of my home, or at least get a more accurate report on if the next turn I would be taking will lead me to spending 4 hours to get to a destination that would normally take me an hour, I would manage my time efficiently and be more productive.


I am probably out of buzz because of my nature of being caught up in my bubble, but just in case the solutions to the concerns I have raised exists, do well to leave a note pointing them out.

Still I am grateful to local services such as Myfoodyshop ,  Kpolom and the likes who have great prospects of solving a lot of hazards of shopping and avoiding long ATM queues faced by locals during the season.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful time of the year and have as much bliss as it gives… Much Love.


Aima Atigari is a fitness junkie who loves music and seeks to find a relationship between music and mental health. He is a partner at Rapt Creative Studio, a marketing and brand awareness company.in Port-Harcourt


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