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In 2012, i was trying to send a message to my then bae. I had quickly typed and sent hello bae playfully with a love emoji, only for me to realise that i had sent it to my ex! I felt like the ground should swallow me but i had the unfortunate task of explaining why it was a mistake and why i had even absent mindedly looked for his number. Worse still a friend of mine mistakenly sent her pictures to her pastor thinking she was sending to her boyfriend!

We all have been in that position where we mistakenly send a message to someone we are not supposed to send it to. Panic mode sets in and we hit the delete button but alas! – the message has delivered and the message can only be deleted from your screen not the receivers phone. Well, Whatsapp has come to your rescue

WhatsApp will now let users remove messages sent by mistake to another group or person. You simply need to tap on the delete button and it will show a new option “delete for everyone”. This will remove a message not just from your device but also from the device of the person who has received it. The catch is that you need to delete once the message is sent or at least within 7 minutes of sending the message.

This feature and others it recently released will roll out on users’ smartphone through automatic OTA (over the air) updates. It will be available in phases so people will receive them at different times.

For people like us who are prone to make those mistakes and be absent minded, this is indeed a blessing. Now we can send messages in peace without the task of having to explain if it becomes an oops! moment


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