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The Tecno Camon CX supports the VR box, unknown to a lot of people. It is one of the Tecno brands that support the VR; the other is Tecno L9+.

Why should you have the VR Box, you might ask? With the VR box, you can have the freedom of watching and looking around the world for 360-degree videos. Whether you are watching an animated movie, watching stunts from all sides and angles or savoring a concert footage, with the VR viewer it would feel like you are actually among the crowd. You will have that feeling like you are also a part of that clip/movie and no longer a viewer. With the help of VR viewers like Google cardboard, you will have a wonderful video experience. The amazing part of this is that it is less passive and also creates new way of visual storytelling and surprisingly play 3D games too. VR only support devices with its enabled sensors which is the gyroscope. Basically, to enjoy the VR Box, your phone should have a Gyroscope sensor. The VR Box 2.0 falls within the  price range of N3500 – N7000

How To Use The VR

Having the gyroscope feature alone doesn’t do the trick although it plays a major role, before you can use these features there are some applications you will need to install on your smartphone. The good news is that they can be gotten from google play store for free.


VR player

VR media player

Google Cardboard

VR bike

Sniper VR



Download and install Google Cardboard on your device, launch and configure it

Proceed to the 360 video channel and and search for #360Video.

Locate and select a video you want to play and start

Tap on the Google Cardboard icon the screen will split in two.


By Ugo Nwankwo, Contributor


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