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Port-Harcourt’s foremost online lifestyle and destination guide, TouchPH, is always at the forefront of creating engaging content on twitter. This week they were at it again, with mouth-watering thread of the best food spots in PH. From Shawarma to Bole and Fish, restaurants, Ice-Cream, Suya and fast-food joints, PH online community kept chiming in. The hashtag was #PHfoodie.

The one that got me really salivating so much i had to move to other handles lest i leave work in search of some food, was the mama-put question.

With enticing pictures, different interesting names and koros, you would hardly believe that so many good mama-put joints existed in PH. Now i know PH’s name as the oil city is not just from the oil in the ground but the oyel that comes from a good dose of mamaput.

Lekki Floods

Port-Harcourt is known to be the rain capital of Nigeria and when it rains it pours. Lagos however took over this title with the recent downpour causing floods yesterday in VI, ikoyi, Lekki and environs.

Lagos and Lekki were trending from the downright funny ( the man kayaking near popular Silverbird Galleria and the young man swimming in the flood) to the horrific (cars were submerged in water and water flooded peoples homes covering furniture)


. While some mainland residents teased those living on the Island calling it a slum with makeup, others used the opportunity to draw the attention of the Lagos State government to possible issues causing the flood like lack of drainages, building on canals, indiscriminate sand-filling activities and also waste management attitude of residents.



Evans also trended again this week with a Front cover story by the Sun Nigeria Newspaper that he had vanished. Nigerians quickly rushed to twitter to express dismay and disappointment at the development. However, the Police were quick to quell the claims on social media, reassuring Nigerians that he was in their custody

Rob and Blac Chyna

One of the Kardashian Clan, Rob, had the Internet talking on Wednesday when he posted personal information about his relationship with Chyna, who is the mother of his infant daughter.

In addition to accusing her of infidelity and claiming he has been footing her bills, he also posted graphic nude images allegedly of her on his Instagram account. The Instagram account has since been taken down but he reposted some of them on twitter.

Blac Chyna’s Attorney,  Lisa Bloom said on Friday she has filed for a temporary restraining order against Rob Kardashian on behalf of Blac Chyna.




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