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Tizettin Inc, parent company of wifi.com.ng, a Nigerian Start-Up has raised $2.1 million from international investors. This is to enable it expand its services in Lagos, Nigeria’s south south region and possibly West Africa. Some of its investors include Western Technology Investment, Social Capital, Vy Capital, Picus Capital,  Ace & Company, Lynett Capital Partners, Zeno Ventures, Michael Seibel (CEO of Y Combinator Core) and a host of others.

As the telecom industry is highly capital intensive, this slew of investment will enable Tizetti expand its network of towers from its current 45 to an additional 55 over the next 9 months. With this, it can totally cover Nigeria

Tizetti is a provider of what it assures its customers are true unlimited internet services, unlike what it says its competitors are offering. What Tizetti offers is as mouth-watering as 200 gigabits of internet usage on average and 900 GB at peak times.

According to Kendall Anayi, CEO, its customers use an average of 100GB to 1 terabyte per month

Tizetti hopes to include among its products not just home wifi but a wifi hotspot service for wifi enabled devices. Tizetti is a YC alumni

Tizetti’s success story with investment is a motivator to other Nigerian start-ups that such a feat is possible. Only one thing is required a multi-million dollar idea that solves a need and hard work.



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