Christmas arrived before December for PH Start-ups last Sunday as Kendall Ananyi, Founder of, in true Santa-Claus like fashion, came with a bag of tips to enable start-ups build their companies purely from their personal and operational finances. Kendall spoke on ‘Bootstrapping to a $1m run rate in Africa’ during his mentoring session at the 36th edition of Start-Up Sunday, held last Sunday in Port-Harcourt.

It was eye-opening for some participants and start-up founders. Kendall spoke about how start-ups can self-finance first before seeking investment from venture capitalists or angel-investors. He shared his personal experience failing at setting up several start-ups prior to

He also spoke about how he was able to run with his personal finances and from the operating revenues of the company before his company’s participation at Y-Combinator. It was highly interactive as participants were equally prepared with intelligent questions.

Start-Up Sunday’s 36th edition was a bumper package as it also featured a Pitching exercise, Fireside chat, networking sessions, elevator pitch challenge and updates on the Port-Harcourt start-up guide project update. Perhaps the most exciting and inspiring highlight was the mentoring session with Kendall Ananyi, Founder

The Pitching exercise featured two start-ups from students of Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Tank Truck by Daniel Alisi and Tabanatech, a church data management software system by Samuel Adiela. They were also able to receive feedback from participants at the Start-Up Sunday. I was also graced by Start-Up Wizs in Port-Harcourt like Uche Aniche of and convener Start-Up South and Mayple Dappa, CEO of

In all, Start-Up Sunday’s 36th edition was fun and laughter but most importantly inspirational, educational and thought-provoking. Watch out for the next edition on the 3rd Sunday in July.


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