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The trailer of Black Panther movie coming out early next year was recently released. What might surprise you the most is that the Black Panther’s (T’Challa) home country Wakanda, is a high tech, scientifically advanced county. Though many outsiders believe it to be third world, It is the legendary El Dorado, with rich vibranium mines. It’s a thriving, Afro-futurist traditional African country infused with skyscrapers, stealth ships, and super tech.

In the trailer, Wakanda’s leaders hide their nation’s true identity from the rest of the planet to keep their inventions out of the wrong hands. Int he trailer, we see Klaw, telling the story of Wakanda to CIA agent Everett K. Ross.
From Marvel’s official plot synopsis, T’Challa’s claim to the throne will be challenged “from factions within his own country,” while also battling outsiders who want Wakandan tech.

It’s a refreshing to see an African country depicted in movies that is not ridden with poverty but with cool gadgets and sky-scrappers. Also to see the movie depict an African girl who loves technology in the character of wakanda’s chief inventor , T’Challa’s sister.


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