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A CCTV footage from a school in Lagos has revealed the shocking abuse of a child with cerebral palsy by her physiotherapist Anthonia Bisola Abayomi-Ojo.

The child’s mother, Bukola Ayinde, revealed the incident via a post on BellaNaija. This disturbing video has enraged a lot of Nigerians and there is currently an online petition for the deportation of the physiotherapist currently in the United States as a Madela Washington Fellow and also a revocation of her licence.

According to Bukola, she trusted her physiotherapist who came highly recommended and was well paid. However, her daughter’s school proprietress in June 2016 showed her and her husband a video of Bisola manhandling her daughter

According to Bukola, ‘I watched my daughter as she fell down several times hitting her head on the tiles. There were times she hit her head on the edge of the wooden bed before falling to the ground.

Her Physiotherapist slapped her three times; the third time with her cell phone. She left her head hanging upside for 5 minutes. She twisted my daughter’s hands several times; at a point she sat on her hands, at another point she tied her hands behind her head. I watched as my daughter fell from her chair while her neck was stuck in between the space at the vertical back rest and the flat wood used for sitting down. I watched on as this lady typed on her phone 90% of the time only taking some time off to torture my daughter. Did I mention that she took out time to take her selfie? Up to five times.’

The case was reported to the Police and the Medical Rehabilitation Therapists Board but Bukola is  unsatisfied with the punishment believing she was merely given a slap on the wrist by a mere Three months withdrawal of her practicing license, Three months work in a general hospital under supervision without pay and to undergo a psychiatric test. Upon further investigation, she alleges the case has gone cold at the Board and the Bisola Abayomi-Ojo is currently on a Mandela Washington Fellowship out of the country

Bukola wants justice and wants the Medical Rehabilitation Therapists Board to declare her unfit to work. Bukola says ‘ I was shocked beyond words that someone I trusted with my daughter could treat her worse than an animal. I believe that even an animal shouldn’t be treated that way.’

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